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Ghost Pilot


Ghost Pilot is your newest and best friend on the road in your car, or in whatever vehicle you're the Pilot of!With fully customizable widgets, in size and color, Ghost Pilot is here to help you and ease your travel by providing you and your passengers convenient informations:
- current speed, with custom alerts (sound and/or flash), in km/h, mph, knots or m/s- current course- time (regular clock and countdown with alarm)- roadmap: select your destination and monitor how much of your travel is accomplished! (uses internet)
By night, Ghost Pilot is designed to be used in "mirror mode", where you place your device on the dashboard and read the reflection in the windshield (head-up display, or HUD).
By day, you can read the screen in the usual way.
IMPORTANT:In both modes, make sure your device is secure and not moving around when you are driving.Always stay focused on the road and on other drivers.